Monday, July 11, 2005

Destroyed MPs, Deceased Premiers, A book about Stephen and Mr. Feschuck.

Tonight CBC News reports that Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal is under investigation by the RCMP for irregularities in his 2004 election expenses. Wow. And we were under the impression this guy had already hit bottom. Apparently not. Is Karl Rove working for the Liberals now? Talk about beating a guy like a rented mule. What's next? Will the transcript of the screaming in Grewal's head be released to the general public? Time to leave this guy alone. Move him to the side of the grill – he's done.

Frank Duff Moores, the second Premier of Newfoundland, a Progressive Conservative, has died. A state funeral is planned for later in the week. I remember running around the house when I was ten or so on election night chanting "Vote for Premier Moores!" Dad finally told me to sit down, be quiet and watch the coverage, explaining that Moores had retired and he wasn't going to be Premier anymore. For some reason I took the news hard. I was a strange kid.

I just finished reading the newly released hardcover version of "Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada" by William Johnson. I read it in one sitting, cover to cover, back to front. If you're the kind of person that would like to know more about the Leader of the Opposition than you know about most people this is abook for you. I'm not a literary critic so I will simply say this: "Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada By William Johnson is the best work of non fiction ever published in the history of Canada." If that doesn't get me on the back on the trade paperback nothing will.If I have a single complaint about the new Harper bio it's the fact that the book has no pictures. I'm serious, what political bio doesn't have ten pages of crappy black and white photos? I was really looking forward to the Karsh photos of Harper's disco years when he drove the metallic Gremlin and had a perm.

And finally it was reported this week that speech writer Scott Feschuck is leaving his job in the Prime Minister's Office. This means that come the fall we can look forward to a Prime Minister who is even less amusing and less well spoken than usual. Hard to imagine really. All aboard the short bus!