Friday, September 30, 2005

Ask and you shall receive.

Turn that frown upside down (see below) was not really a request but hell, if someone goes through the trouble then why not.

Smiling Dave from Melissa Dimock.

Turn that frown upside down.

Dingbat to get golden parachute!

After a lifetime of public service, chewing gum aficionado David Dingwall is negotiating a golden parachute with the Federal Government. Apparently this is standard operating procedure within 48 hours after resigning in disgrace. It’s not in the Liberal Red book but it should be in the Liberal Playbook.

Seeing as it was the Tories that exposed Dave’s bizarre expense accounts in the first place, I say put them in charge of packing Dave’s Parachute. Let them pack it and let them be the ones who give him the thumbs up as he exits the plane. Perhaps 30 000 feet above Rivermead golf course would be nice.

In his final act of selfless public service he can fertilize the 18th hole.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


I have the sense of humour of a ten year old.

I have been a terrible blogger. I took a short break and it turned into a long one. I apologize but for a while there nothing could inspire me to get back at it, not the CBC lockout, not the investiture of our foxy new GG, not even Dave Dingbats expense account. But today all that changed; today I was sent a picture of the Prime Minister flipping burgers and he looks like he is about to be nailed in the head by a giant turd.

Now that’s satire!