Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ruin Christmas? Just watch me!

So the Liberals think they have pulled a fast one by not scheduling any opposition days until mid November. Clever Tony Valeri (pictured above) thinks the Conservatives would never try to defeat the government now because it would mean an election around Christmas.
Valeri (pictured above) not only looks like he is part barn owl but he seems to think he is wise as one too.

This is the chance for Stephen Harper to say the hell with conventional wisdom and show he’s got the gonads to lead. Stephen Harper is in the position to give the gift of Conservatism to Canada this Holiday Season and he should leap at it like one of those ten Lords-a-leaping.

Personally I love the idea of a Christmas Election. Not on Christmas day of course, that day should be reserved for the sanctity of turkey, but the day after. Let’s go to the polls on Boxing Day. It’s not a High Holy holiday and most people already have the day off. The entire nation is just lying around bloated looking for an excuse to get out of the house. Let’s face it, come Boxing Day, most Canadians have had their fill of family and a civic duty is a great excuse to get in the car early and get away from the in-laws; “Sorry Hon, I’d love to sit around your Mothers living room for another twelve hours and listen to you and your siblings tell stories about growing up but we’ve got to vote so GET THE HELL IN THE CAR!”