Thursday, November 17, 2005

Run Jean Run!

Well I slapped up this picture of Chretien on my show website at and you have delivered. You answered the call folks, you went to work and you photoshopped like hell. And when I said "you went to work" I mean that literally. You did it at work! Thats the kind of commitment I want to see more of. Pranks are that much sweeter when done on company time.
Stay tuned for more photoshop fun.
The Original.

Tractor Baby by Anthony Forest

Tightrope by Ed Robertson

Choices by Mark Fahey

Speeder Bike

Shopping Cart of Cash by Jesse Mussio

Ride 'em Chretien by Owen Minns

The Gangs all Here by Ed Robertson

Later Buddy!

Monty Chretien by Bryor Snefjella

Haida Hideaway by Katie Burns

Nice Coconuts! by Doug D.

Coming Soon by Michael Ivey

Harpers bestest buddy

Apollo by Andy McMullen

Ten by Eric Loring