Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trudeau: Pave the Nahanni.

My schedule has gotten so crazy that I have taken a speed reading course. It allows me to read and retain information in 1/14 the time.

I love it. I now have time to read articles and columns I normally wouldn’t. Sometimes the nuances are lost but the facts are all there.

For example I read in yesterdays Globe and Mail that Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister John Turner, has plans to drain the mighty Nahanni River.

Apparently Justin recently took a break from taping his wildly popular CTV show Canadian Idol and actually canoed across the Nahinni in a boat.

Justin claims that while looking over an apparently spectacular gorge or some such thing that he was struck by a vision. Elevated to an enhanced spiritual state after consuming rare hallucinogenic lichens living nearby, he looked at the gorge and made himself a promise. He promised himself that he would find out what valuable minerals lie beneath the raging river and quickly decided that draining it was the easiest way.

He has launched a campaign to that effect and although the plan technically involves simply draining the whole works into the USA, he has chosen not to call the program “Drain the Nahanni” in favour of the catchier “Pave the Nahanni”

I encourage all TV celebrities to get involved in good works and I applaud this initiative on the part of one of Canada’s leading educators.