Friday, January 27, 2006

Layton's Photoshop Finalists.

This party is off the hook by Guy Incognito

Behold, your leaders.

Takin' the Chicken for a Walk by Wayne Donner

The Leadership Matrix by CM


The Three Stooges

Happy Birthday Indeed by "Guy Incognito"

Left for Dead by Jenny and Jeff Rode

Memoirs by Hyedie Hashimoto

The Rose Bloom by Scott Walsh

I'm Layton by Will Meloche

NDP Rock City by Dirty Pig

Rikishi Layton by Lori Ciaralli

He was so excited... by Paul Clerkin

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Coalition of Many Colours by Doug Webber

He was so excited... (2) by Graydon Mitchell

"How are we going to do it? Volume!" by Michael Davie

Highland Jack by Sean Hammond

Healthcare is Precious

A Difference of Opinion by Doug Biggar

Puppy Love by Chris Wynia