Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And the award goes to...

Tonight the Gemini award for best Picture Editing in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series went to Allan MacLean and Miles Davren for their work on the Mercer Report.

Miles is the one on the right. He cuts the parodies we produce. On top of being a great editor he is probably the nicest person who works on our show. It is hard to recognize him without a toque.

The guy on the left is Allan MacLean. I’ve worked with Allan for over a decade; we go way back. Allan edited 22 Minutes when I was there, he edited Made in Canada, he cut every inch of Talking to Americans and he has done every Mercer Report since day one. These days we have a pretty simple relationship. Every week I leave and come back with reams and reams of video tape, Al suffers through it and turns it into something that makes me look far better than I deserve to. Plus we have lots of laughs. He is the best editor in the business and a good friend.

Miles and Allan are an amazing team and everyone on the Mercer Report knows we would be screwed without them.

And seeing as they look so darn happy, and seeing as the picture is here in cyberspace, it’s only appropriate that this picture be considered eligible for a Photoshop challenge.

I know they would insist on it.

Congratulations men, I salute you!