Friday, December 01, 2006

Heading to Montreal

"So what if I'm drunk? They screwed me Dryden, and they'll screw you too!"

Tonight I fly to Montreal and figure I will hit the convention at ten pm. I’m worried that everyone will be in bed by then but I will just have to wait and see.

I am shooting the show tonight so while that happens I will be recording the candidates' speeches so I can watch them on my laptop during the flight to Montreal. Would the giant tool in aisle 12 please stow his computer and put his tray in the upright position.

Why am I attending? My plan is to find out first hand whether or not the Liberal party is a vital political force in the midst of an historic renewal or are they simply a herd of dinosaurs in their final death throes. I also hope to find out if the beer will be cold.

All will be revealed at, or at least the beer question will be answered.

So far I have tried to watch as much of the convention as I could but work keeps getting in the way.

I was lucky enough to catch the opening ceremonies and they certainly set the tone. I am not much of a fan of this “nation inside a nation" notion but when the Quebecois are in charge of booking the talent it’s hard to argue with it. I would suggest that whoever thought it was a good idea to feature the dancing dude in the super tight pants and giant mullet so prominently is not just from another nation but another planet.

I missed the tribute to Paul Martin because of work last night but I did get home in time to catch his speech. Too bad he didn’t make a few more like that during the campaign; he might have avoided this whole messy retirement ordeal. It was refreshing though to see Martin speak without him promising all Canadians free tuition or a billion dollars. It was a good speech though; I’ll give the man that. The baby was a nice touch; I might try that next time I have to address a crowd.

Until Montreal mes amis.