Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hot and Hazy

It’s too damn hot! 34 degrees in Toronto yesterday, and they say today it will be 41 with the humidity. This is no place for a Newfoundlander; I’m part seal pup. I melt when it gets past 25.

I’m on my way to Newfoundland on Monday for the opening of The Rooms. ( Not a moment too soon. If you are sitting in Toronto dying of the heat and smog grab the kids and go to Newfoundland. They will be able to breath there.

It was pretty surreal watching the budget get rammed through the other night. In my lifetime I’ve never really witnessed the NDP accomplish anything. Even the idea of them accomplishing anything seemed almost too absurd to contemplate. I always though that believing in the NDP was like believing in fairies or goblins. Not so apparently.
Canada now has an NDP budget.

When it comes to his style of governing Paul Martin is bit like a kitten chasing a string. Half the fun is watching the poor creature stumble around and slam into things with wild abandon. Like most Canadians, at the outset, I was pretty shocked by the spectacle. For a while there whenever he was asked a direct question he practically broke out in bumps. When you look in the eyes of the Prime Minister, it’s a bit disconcerting to realize you are gazing into the eyes of a hysteric.

You can’t really blame Harper for thinking he was going to be able to beat the guy. But the minute Harper opened his mouth and put it on the record that he was going to put the government out of its misery everything changed.

I remember the moment.

Martin came out of daycare centre in Gander Newfoundland and spoke to the press. I don’t remember what he had to say exactly, but what stuck me was how he said it. The stuttering disappeared. He didn’t start every sentence with five “uhhhs” and an umm.
Basically he didn’t come across like a blithering fool, which is I guess is a good ambition to have in politics. It was like he got hit in the head and was suddenly cured. The difference being he was no longer the Prime Minister, he was the candidate.

And the candiate once again gave Harper and his minions a lesson in asskicking.

God that’s gotta get tiring after a while.

And Harper? He has to face an entire summer of standing around barbecues, holding on to a paper plate of potato salad that’s been sitting in the sun too long, while armchair strategists give him advice on what he should've done differently.

Harper doesn’t look like he’s having fun, because he’s not.

And it’s just going to get worse from here.

Enjoy the heat Stephen.