Friday, June 24, 2005

Jason's new home on the web... for now.

In honour of Pride celebrations this weekend now points to Egale Canada. No word yet on whether Jason will be marching but let me take this oppourtunity to say "Happy Pride Jason” . My Canada includes Jason in a boa surrounded by a dozen balloons and the Jason Kenney dancers vying for a best float prize.

I posted a picture yesterday. It only took me the better part of three hours and the chances of me actually remembering how to do it again are slim to none. But hey? What a picture it is! I’m sure somebody with Photoshop and some free time on their hands could have a field day with that one.

The National Citizen’s coalition has a letter to the Editor in today’s Globe and Mail claiming I’m a liberal shill. I’m not a Liberal, I’m just lazy and the Tories make it so dammed easy. Maybe if they would just stop dousing themselves with gas and waving matches around for five minutes I could focus on corruption and greed in the Liberal Party.

It should be pointed out of course that Stephen Harper used to run the National Citizens coalition. Having them write a letter defending him is the equivalent of me getting my mother to write someone who thinks I’m a liberal shill.

And she would too.