Friday, December 09, 2005

Harper and Martin Round 2

Assimilated by Trevor Gardiner

Hold Me by Robert Lanctot

School Chair

One Man Band by James Taylor

Next Time I'm Driving by Dan Davis

Behind the Swinging Doors by Chelsea Smith

It's Not Easy Being Green by Cameron Brodzki

Deft block by Craig Blanchard

Liberal Funland by Justin Reiber

Il Dodo by Jim Boyle

I Like Mustard! by Matthew MacPherson

Interpretive Dance by D.R. MacMaster

Bring me the head of Jean Chretien by James Cornish and Sharleen Skinner

Untitled by Trevor Gardiner

Guitar Duel by Jeb Dexter

On the Pitch by Bradley Banks

Bad Santa by Doug Webber

Ultimate Campaign Championship by Wayne McDowell

An Elexmas Carol by Sarah Ormiston

Election Night in Canada by Doug Webber

Duct tape

Decepticons by Dan Crichton

The Pork Council by Agatha

Good oral hygiene by Gord Carter

Marionettes by Ben Hahn

Angels for Mercer by Avery Strok