Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Photo Challenge Continues...

The Original

Three Wisemen by Craig Blake

Let Me Lead by Gordon Williams

And a one and a two... by Jeremy Kennedy

Hello from Churchill Redux by Brent Charbonneau

I Have Seen the Enemy

At my signal, unleash hell by D.R. MacMaster

Ballin' by Rhea Delisle

Harper and Martin battle the Gamesters of Triskelion by James Taylor

I got ya' by Karen McCracken

Hey Sailor by Maurice Motut

Sumo by Oai Truong

It's kicking! by Eric Atamanik

Posedown by Spencer Cave

The Chronic by Peter Corbett

Drop the Writ Like it's Hot by Tyler Bidnyk

Showtime! by Doug Webber

Christmas in Florida by Erin D.

Christmas in the Trenches by Bradford Gyselman